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Новые тимбилдинговые программы от Catalyst.
  • Shake It!  air dj team building
    Shake It!  Air DJ Logo

    Shake It! Air DJ

    Who hasn't dreamt of playing in a band? The thousands of hours of practice required makes this out of reach for most. How about we change this paradigm and make this exhilarating feeling available to everyone, in a matter of minutes?

  • Escape the Mob

    Escape Room style fever pitch excitement as participants using a bag of kit and the Go Team app trace their steps to gather clues to establish an alibi, find the stolen diamonds, and Escape the Mob.

  • innovative team building ideas
    Global Innovation Game Logo PNG

    Global Innovation Game

    We believe that anyone can be an innovator! Generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative environment - pitch & invest!

  • City Building Teambuilding Activity
    city build logo catalyst

    Городская стройка

    Реалистичная симуляция проектирования и строительства города с нуля.

  • Haka Action Corporate teambuilding energiser
    Haka Action Logo

    Haka Action

    Harnessing the power of the sacred Maori dance, Haka Action, is an uplifting and invigorating teambuilding activity.

  • Quickfire Team Building Activity
    Quickfire Logo


    Командные испытания в гибком формате.

  • Hands On Canvas Creative Team Challenges Design Games
    Hands on Canvas Logo

    Hands on Canvas

    Hands on Canvas is a really impactful ‘get to know you’ icebreaker that's guaranteed to break down social barriers and promote a positive mindset for the day ahead.

  • Thai Traders Team Building Activities for the Office
    Thai Traders Logo

    Тайские торговцы

    Thai Traders - это насыщенная игра по сбору информации, торговле и строительству доверительных отношений.

  • Go Team Go Give CRS Team Building Event
    Go Team Go Give Logo

    Go Team - Go Give

    Сочетающая весёлую охоту за сокровищами с Go Team и радость от пожертвования посредством B1G1 ("купил один - отдай один"), Go Give - это отличная программа КСО.